Customizing the Shell

WSL2 just official launch out with Windows 10 last month. I use time to customize the shell for the WSL2 and would like to take a note down for future me can repeat it when it nescessaries.

Dark Blue Directory in WSL2 Terminal

It is hard to see blue directory. So, this one can change with dircolors by added the ~\.dircolors

To done that, use dircolors --print-database for export the current colors configuration to the file

dircolors --print-table > ~/.dircolors #Ubuntu WSL

Then edit some color such as the directory colors from blue to be yellow as following

DIR 01;33 # directory

this one will change color of directory listing to be yellow that is great enough to see.

Zsh Terminal Fonts

Follow this blog for setup zsh with powerline fonts for Windows. This help to make Windows terminal can display special characters in zsh shell.

Another finding is that have to use font DejaVu Sans Mono for Powerline which seem perfect showing all characters of the zsh terminal.

Solarized dircolors

It make much more fancy when ls list the file in colorful way. follow by this repository.

Play the Cypress in WSL2

I follow this blog for playing the Cypress which can show X-Windows in Windows while the Cypress actually running in the WSL2.

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