DirectAdmin – Create Email Suffix Wildcard Aliases

Like Gmail, User able to append to alias to their own gmail account. There are many benefits to use this email scheme and this is how to do.

This article based on DirectAdmin control panel and Exim.

In Exim, looking for the section begin routers, for me I put in a section of virtual_aliases_nostar, virtual_user, virtual_aliases, drop_solo_alias and localuser and put following configuration

  local_part_suffix = +* : -* : _*

This is allow user to add suffix as optional for something like, and which will alias to

When you put the configuration, check the log on /var/log/exim/mainlog to see that there should not introduce new error when use user email alias.

After done, if you use the DirectAdmin, you may need to save to path /usr/local/directadmin/templates/custom, so, in case that the exim got updated to the new version, it still be there.

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